RJ Aviation Inc. was founded in 2005 by Josée Rechichi and Ray Fallis. The goal was to take their combined experience in the aerospace industry and to create a distribution company specializing in aircraft materials. Both partners had been previously involved in the aerospace industry having worked for part manufacturers, repair centers and distributors of aircraft materials.

Josée has over thirty-nine years of experience. She first began working as a buyer for a manufacturer of aircraft seats and galley equipment. Over the years she developed great experience in purchasing all types of materials involved in aircraft repair and maintenance. In 1995 Josée became a general administrator for a small manufacturer and maintenance company. In her second year she started up a distribution division for maintenance products. After twenty-one years working for others she decided to begin her own company that would ensure that customers received a better quality of service with her personal stamp of work ethic and dedication. It has been twelve years that Josée has been at the helm of RJ Aviation’s administration as the company’s vice president overseeing all aspects of administration, operations and accounting.

Ray Fallis began his career in the aerospace industry in 1997, as sales director for a newly started distribution service within a manufacturing and maintenance organisation. Through this experience Ray developed extensive experience working with maintenance organisations and airlines. While working to sell existing product lines, Ray also had the mandate to add new product lines in conjunction with his growing involvement in selling seating and galley projects. After nine years of experience it was time for him to try something on his own. This would have the goal of being purely focused on distribution while providing dedicated expert customer service. In a matter of seventeen years of his managing the sales and marketing part of the business, RJ Aviation now represents multiple tape companies as well as aircraft paint and interior composite materials.

Michael Frate joined RJ Aviation in early 2011 after a twenty-year international career in the adhesive tape industry, where he worked for global manufacturers like Nitto Denko and Tesa Tape Inc., in Canada, Europe and the USA. His experience enables RJ Aviation to provide its customers with cost-effective solutions to all types of adhesive tape applications, sourced from leading manufacturers from North America, Europe and Asia. Michael is involved with customers in many industrial segments, including but not limited to aircraft/aerospace applications.